In Response to Ralph Northam’s Election as Governor of Virginia

Date Published: Nov 08, 2017

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

In Response to Ralph Northam’s Election as Governor of Virginia
Statement from Ron Tipton, President & CEO of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy 

"We congratulate Ralph Northam on being elected the next Governor of Virginia.

Virginia's water supply, jobs and the 554 miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in the state are under attack by the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline project. With the Trail facing its biggest threat ever in Virginia, we need Governor-elect Northam and the Department of Environmental Quality to properly review the negative impacts that this project would have on the A.T., clean drinking water sources and the economies of towns dependent on tourism and recreation dollars.

This pipeline must be stopped — Mr. Northam and the state of Virginia can help us prevent one of the worst disasters to ever happen to the A.T."

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  1. Mark Swarbrick | Jan 20, 2018

    Sorry Nathan, I disagree with you. NGL is USA's future. As the pipe crosses the AT near Giles, it will have little impact on the AT. The need for Natural Gas, Propane, and plastics is a big thing for the USA. A huge portion of NGL creates electricity for the eastern seaboard of the USA. The converting plants both the ones that exist and the new one in Dover Delaware that are being built is called Calpine Corp.  NGL reduces our need for cheap coal electricity. It burns cleaner and reduces environmental impact.  By drilling for NGL some 5000 feet down, we are also hitting crude oil deposits freeing us from Arab cartels and allowing us to process more gasoline, and importing less. The USA will export NGL bringing in billions of dollars for the states and here in Pennsylvania A substantial amount of the taxes means millions of annual dollars without an extraction tax going to conservation programs, and forestry programs. Refinery's that need to be build will supply thousands of UNION jobs for the next ten years. One will be built right in Marcus Hook PA to separate NGL into plastics. Not just for electronics but parts for Heart valves, to Hips and Knees. The billion dollar industry represents Jobs, Heat, Cooking, Plastics, Exports, and ENERGY INDEPENDENCE.

    The environmental impact has been addressed and companies involved have saftey in mind.

  2. Nathan Anderson | Nov 17, 2017
    Gas is not Virginia's future.  In fact, it, and the proposed pipelines, will hinder the growth industries of SW Virginia which draw of our clean water, beautiful naturescapes, and extraordinary opportunities for development of lifestyle focused communities.
  3. Nathan Anderson | Nov 17, 2017
    Gas is not the economy of the future.  In fact, it, and the proposed pipelines, will hinder the growth industries in the SW of Virginia which draw from our clean water, beautiful natures capes, and extraordinary lifestyle opportunities. 

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